Adelphi Kitchen Review

adelphi kitchen review

After closing in the Autumn of 2016 following financial troubles, The Adelphi Kitchen is back! A spruce up of the decor and a new menu brought me here for my first Adelphi Kitchen review…

What it is: The Adelphi Kitchen, a newly re-opened meat and seafood restaurant which has been rescued from financial troubles in Aberdeen’s economic downturn.

Where it is: In the Adelphi, a street which you can find through an archway at the end of Union Street, towards Castlegate in Aberdeen.

Score: 9/10. Cosy surroundings, fantastic meaty food at improved prices, with great vegetarian options too!

adelphi kitchen review

On a chilly Tuesday afternoon, amongst the boyfriends buying last minute Valentine’s Day cards and the pensioners of Aberdeen warming themselves up in coffee shops for a natter, I strolled my way down Union Street to a place I haven’t been able to visit in a while, to publish my first proper restaurant review. Much to my joy, it is an Adelphi Kitchen review.

adelphi kitchen review

Cosy is the first word that springs to mind when you enter this compact little eatery. Not just because I’ve been visiting here for special occasions – and no-occasion-needed slap-up-lunches – since 2013, but because of the warm interior. Wood, chalkboards and dark tartan upholstery surround you, and not in a garden centre sort of way, in a way that comforts you, and almost assures you that you’re going to leave this place feeling full and satisfied.

The restaurant is open to the public but is yet to formally re-open with a launch night, so there are only a handful of other diners at this quiet lunchtime, fine by me, less people to judge the amount of photos I take, right?

An aside: yes I ate lunch alone on Valentine’s Day, student timetables don’t always fit that of people with proper jobs!

I settled into a comfy couch at a table for one, funnily enough I think it was the same table I occupied on my first visit here over 3 years ago. I ordered some water (cheap date) and began drooling over the new menu, printed on the same quirky little clipboard its always been attached to.

The Adelphi Kitchen was always known for its ever-changing menu, with new cuts of meat and ways of cooking said meats popping up all the time, accompanied by mouth-watering sides, desserts and specials. Because of this a new menu was no real shock, though I did notice the prices were perhaps a little lower than before to account for the damaged economy here in Aberdeen, and I was not disappointed by the offerings.

Starters are always a good place to begin, and I was delighted to see that their signature Mac n Cheese was still a feature, I’ve eaten a lot of that stuff over the years, and it is damn GOOD. However I decided to try something new, selecting the Aberdeen pheasant option to quench my meaty appetite.

When it arrived, I couldn’t help but smile at the presentation, and not just because I was bloody starving. Two slices of meltingly soft meat terrine, accompanied by wedges of sweet-sharp apple and delicately scattered gin-soaked raisins. I want it again NOW. The only fault I could find is the fact the sourdough bread served on the side was just a liiiiiittle bit too chewy, but other than that, this plate was all but licked clean! I’d definitely recommend this starter, it’s not like a jelly-set terrine that sits cold and unsure on your palate, it’s simply pressed tender meat with all the flavour of the butter and herbs it was cooked in. YUM.

The Adelphi Kitchen really specialise in their meat, but having had some incredible vegetarian dishes there before, and having had a meaty starter, I thought I’d opt for a veggie main dish. I was very tempted by the hake option, and probably would have had it if we didn’t have fish pie planned for dinner at home later, however the gnocchi was screaming “eat me!”

adelphi kitchen review

In true Adelphi style, the classic shape and presentation you’d expect is far from what you get. In place of what could have been a dense ball of cooked potato dumpling, these gnocchi were crisp and fluffy, almost reminiscent of a potato scone or latke. Full of subtle herbs and accompanied with a beautiful mess of caramelised butternut squash, baby onions, tomato crisps and roasted garlic so soft it acted as a sweet sticky condiment, this gnocchi dish was an absolute winner. I’d have it again in a heartbeat. Who knew a meat and seafood restaurant could serve up vegetables in such a sexy fashion??

Having cleared both plates, I pored over the dessert menu but sadly didn’t have the room for any, no matter how much I wanted that bread and butter pudding. I did however have the sweet pleasure of finding out my total bill for those two stunning dishes was just £15! Several fine restaurants in Aberdeen would be charging you that for one course, and I’ve had more expensive meals in chain restaurants, so I was thrilled. Pleasantly stuffed, smiling and not out-of-pocket, what more could a girl want?

I can’t wait to come back to The Adelphi Kitchen, and I really thoroughly recommend you try it out too. We don’t give enough credit or love to our local independent restaurants up here in Aberdeen. Everyone is feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, but if everyone could just try to buy local and eat local rather than churning more hard-earned money into huge corporations and chain eateries instead, I think we’d all see a benefit and longer-lasting local venues!

Well, that’s all for my Adelphi Kitchen review. I feel like I should make an effort to publish more of these, small businesses need our support more than ever, and I’d like to do what I can. If you were kind enough to read this, please do share with your family and friends, Aberdeen simply can’t afford to see more local closures.


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  1. Fab review! I can’t wait to re-visit the place.

    1. Kelly Cletheroe Kelly Cletheroe says: Reply

      Thank you! Glad to hear it, I was so excited about it re-opening. I hope you can try it out soon!

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