A collection of my articles, thought pieces, foodie travel posts and advice posts. These cover everything from diets to desserts.

All the opinions in these posts are my own unless otherwise stated, and they do not reflect those of any affiliate links or associated companies. I love writing as much as baking and creating recipes, and I take great care in what I publish for you all to read.

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Thought Pieces: 

A Festive Ode to the Box of Chocolates

What is Diet Culture and how can we stop it?

What I eat in a week

7 reasons you SHOULDN’T give up sugar

Why you shouldn’t start that January diet



What we ate in Amsterdam

What we ate in Berlin

What we ate in Glasgow

What we ate in London


Tips & Advice:

7 Tips on Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog

10 tips for baking better cakes

Christmas Foodie Gift Guide 2017

Essential Bulk Buys



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