Best Recipes of 2017!

best recipes 2017

Best Recipes of 2017; it’s been a great year, here are a round up of all of the best and most popular Maverick Baking recipes from 2017!


I simply can’t resist the cliché round-up post to finish off the year, it means we can reflect on the best of the last 12 months, while giving me a little subtle break from recipe creation for the week! (Not even sorry)

Despite some misfortune and the loss of an old dear friend, 2017 has mostly been a fantastic year for me, and anyone reading this deserves a big thank you for a lot of that.

Outside of my online life: I graduated from Aberdeen University with a very respectable law degree; I managed to secure a summer internship and future traineeship with a big Scottish law firm; I passed my driving test after just 4 months of lessons(???); I travelled to some wonderful cities both within my home country and in Europe; I’ve seen some of my favourite bands live in concert (except you Green Day, please come back to Scotland!); and myself and my family have managed to stay in good health for another year!

Online: I have seen this blog continue to grow, with people enjoying my recipes all around the world; I have begun to receive a small but steady income from my blog and freelance recipe creation; I have met some great fellow content creators; I created and continue to love creating recipe and review videos for my YouTube channel; I’ve been a podcast and blog guest; and I’ve even been featured in local news.

Any one of you that read this blog, try out my recipes, watch my silly YouTube videos or even follow me on social media, you are great. Thank you so much!

best recipes 2017

Anyway, enough of this nauseating gratitude and wistful reflection. Here are 16 of Maverick Baking’s best recipes of 2017. Click on any of the images or titles to be taken straight to the recipe!


Aero Mint Chocolate Brownies

We’re throwing it ALL the way back to January with these little beauties. Ridiculously rich and velvety chocolate brownies laced with fresh peppermint flavour, and studded with chunks of Aero mint chocolate. These have been REALLY popular on Pinterest this year, and for good reason!


Baked Porridge Cups

Another January warmer, these Baked Porridge Cups were the perfect thing for me when I had a super busy week ahead. Simply bake them in whichever flavour you’d like, and you have a week’s worth of breakfasts ready to grab.


Banoffee Cheesecake

Need I say more? Bananas, toffee sauce, cheesecake…you don’t even have to bake it!


Easy Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream

Making ice cream without any fancy equipment is quick, easy and incredibly satisfying. Why not start out with this smooth, creamy and delicious flavour?


Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

healthy chocolate chip banana bread

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve made this over the course of the year! Such a handy and tasty way to use up those extra brown bananas, without a load of effort.


Giant Mini Egg Cookie Cake

giant mini egg cookie cake

This was incredibly popular on the blog and on my YouTube channel back in Easter time. A giant soft-centred cookie crammed with crunchy Cadbury’s Mini Eggs!


Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

There are times when you just NEED a cookie. You don’t have any in the house, and you probably shouldn’t make a whole batch, so a Chocolate Chip Cookie for One that you can have ready in less than 5 minutes might just improve your life.


Banana Milkshake Cupcakes

An ever popular recipe, these cupcakes replace sugar with banana milkshake powder to create a sweet and fluffy cake that tastes just like your favourite childhood milkshake! Strawberry, chocolate and even vanilla versions are equally delicious.


The Lumberjack Cake

lumberjack cake

In collaboration with Lumberjack Inc., I whipped up this vanilla Lumberjack Cake with chocolate ganache frosting. A little more work than my recipes usually involve but this cake is definitely impressive to make for all the manly men (or women) in your life!


Flourless Salted Peanut Butter Crunch Cookies

They don’t look like much, but these might just be one of my favourite cookies EVER. Unbelievably soft and chewy, rich with peanut butter flavour and just the tiniest hint of crunch from the peanut cereal. These are every bit as delicious as they are easy.


Aero Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

aero mint chocolate cheesecake

This cheesecake STORMED all my other best recipes this year for my readers’ Christmas dessert choice! Light and creamy cheesecake, with a subtle mint sweetness and crushed Aero min chocolate shards. This one could convert anyone to enjoy a cheesecake!


Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

vanilla chocolate chip cookie dough cake

A celebration of cookies. This chocolate chip vanilla cake tastes like a soft cookie, while laced with crushed cookies, vanilla frosting and even more scattered chocolate chips. It’s delicious, but it might be messy if you try to dunk it in your milk or tea…


Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake

All the basic bitch flavour of a Pumpkin Spice Latte in an impossibly light cake. Subtle sweet spices and espresso pair with creamy vanilla buttercream to make this cake one of the best recipes to look forward to in Autumn!


Milky Bar Cookies

milky bar cookies

I just can’t. Sweet, creamy Milky Bar white chocolate baked into gorgeously thick, soft and chewy cookies. There can’t be a soul in the world who wouldn’t enjoy a bite of these.


Chocolate Orange Millionaire’s Shortbread

Chocolate Orange Millionaire's Shortbread

A British classic melted into another British classic. Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments rest atop layers on chocolate, caramel and buttery shortbread to make this insanely delicious bake.


Lindt Lindor Cheesecake

lindt lindor cheesecake

Rich, fancy Lindt chocolate melts into this creamy cheesecake to create an addictively gorgeous dessert. Top it with whipped cream and truffles to eat like an absolute king!


So that about sums it up for my best recipes of 2017. I’ve included a good mix of my personal favourites, and all the ones that you guys have been viewing like crazy over the past year.

Thank you as always for stopping by, even if you’re still to try a recipe, it means a lot!

I hope you all had at least a decent 2017, and that 2018 will be kind to you. See you next year!

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