Christmas Foodie Gift Guide 2017

christmas foodie gift guide

Christmas Foodie Gift Guide 2017; gift and present ideas for that one person in your life who likes food more than they like people!


I know the feeling.


I got ya.

christmas foodie gift guide

Below you’ll find my Christmas Foodie Gift Guide for this crappy year of 2017. You’ll find gift/present ideas for foodie people in your life. The ones who love to cook, bake, read, and most of all, eat!

You’ll find things of all price ranges, for foodie people of all tastes. Also no, this isn’t just my Christmas list…

Simply click on the titles or images to be transported to where you can buy these goodies.


1. A Slow Cooker

christmas foodie gift guide

Life is too short to faff around making dinner after work, and slow cookers are fairly cheap these days. What’s not to love?


2. Electric Whisk

christmas foodie gift guide

These are so handy that I don’t know how I ever coped without one. These make cake mixes, meringues and whipped cream an absolute dream!


3. A Pretty Pot

christmas foodie gift guide

Whether it matches your kitchen, your mood, or it’s just your favourite colour, having a pretty pot or pan to cook dinner in always makes me feel like I have my life together. Even when I really really don’t.


4. Pocket Hot Sauce

christmas foodie gift guide

Because sometimes that menu item that has a 3 chilli rating against it just isn’t quite hot enough. Also useful when eating food at your grandparents’ house…


5. Bizarre Chocolate Bars

From delicious to downright delirious, the Chocolate Smiths make some flavours you never thought you’d see. Expect everything from Peanut Butter Pretzel to Cheese and Crackers!


6. Stand Mixer

christmas foodie gift guide

I can’t tell you how easy this will make a baker’s life. Letting a machine do half the work for you will help conserve your energy for the decorating part…and the eating part.


7. A Fancy Cake Tin

christmas foodie gift guide

I’m a little bit obsessed with collecting cake tins. This bundt tin is a favourite, it makes even the plainest cake look so pretty!


8. Chocolate Hamper

christmas foodie gift guide

Does this really need an explanation? Get your loved ones something delicious and rich in cocoa solids.


9. Fancy Thermometer

christmas foodie gift guide

These are really helpful when making caramels and candies, and even when cooking meats or sauces too!


10. Raw Chocolate

Ailey Mae makes some incredible raw chocolate that is vegan friendly and basically a “health food.” I can’t recommend it enough!


11. Food Processor

christmas foodie gift guide

Much like an electric whisk, this makes life a lot easier. These come pretty cheap nowadays, and make chopping, grating and blitzing your ingredients a breeze.



christmas foodie gift guide

Almost 5 kilos of pure Swiss goodness. Yes. Just yes.


13. A subscription box full of fancy treats

dolce twenty box

Dolce Twenty is a relatively new subscription box company that ships artisan chocolate, fudge, popcorn, candies and just about anything sweet to your door. It helps support growing local companies too!


14. Retro sweets hamper

christmas foodie gift guide

These are a great gift for young kids or for old dad and Granddads who want to relive their childhood.


15. Some lovely nut butters

hungry squirrel nut butter review

Hungry Squirrel are a small Scottish company that make delicious handmade nut butters, in flavours ranging from Cookie Dough Cashew to Hazelnut & Cacao. YUM!


16. Cute coffee syrups

christmas foodie gift guide

Everyone loves a sweet, flavoured coffee now and again. Even my coffee hating mother wouldn’t be the same without her milky gingerbread lattes. These syrups can help make Starbucks style coffees at home.


17. Toastie machine/griddle

christmas foodie gift guide

These make the best toasted/grilled sandwiches. None of that triangular 1970s nostalgia, just a big, crispy melty toastie!


18. Chocolate tasting collection

christmas foodie gift guide

Because fancy chocolate always helps me feel like an adult.


19. Some tasty granola

Breakfast By Bella are a new British company that are really going places. Get your hands on some of their insanely delicious gluten-free vegan friendly granola. It even comes in chocolate, and in peanut butter flavour!


20. Electronic kitchen scales

christmas foodie gift guide

These are non-negotiable in a modern kitchen. Perfect for measuring you need for your recipes.


21. Baking stone

christmas foodie gift guide

This will help bake the most incredible bread, giving you an even bake and a perfect chewy crust!


22. Air fryer

christmas foodie gift guide

These are all the rage right now. We use ours to make crispy baked potatoes and seasoned chips without wasting so much oil, and in way less time than it normally takes.


23. Cute cupcake cases

christmas foodie gift guide

Making your little bakes look professional, even when you might have totally over-baked them…


24. Waffle Maker

christmas foodie gift guide

Every sweet tooth deserves some breakfast or dessert waffles once in a while, just whip up a batter the night before and use this to make crispy waffles with a perfect fluffy interior!


25. Measuring cups

christmas foodie gift guide

Not so common in UK kitchens as in American ones, but handy nonetheless. Plus you can stay on trend with these snazzy copper versions!


I hope you found something useful in this little Christmas Foodie Gift Guide, or that you at least enjoyed looking at the pictures?

Anyway, I’m off to do some shopping!


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