Cypriot Holiday!

We’re back home. We’re sad.

After spending just 7 days in Cyprus I felt like I never wanted to come home, and that says a lot coming from a complete shut-in like me!

The weather was beautiful, the area we were staying in was lovely and the food was fabulous. Basically, my cold, grey hometown was put to shame.

I guess the only downside of the week away was that my Granny managed to break a bone in her foot on our first night…but hey, it wouldn’t be a Cletheroe family holiday without at least one disaster, right?

Irrespective of the pain she was in, my Granny was an absolute trooper, limping along (probably faster than a doctor would advise) on her cast and enjoying herself in the sun. So at least her spirit wasn’t as broken as her metatarsel, hahahaha…too soon? Ok. Sorry.

The little amount of Cyprus we saw was stunning, everyone was so friendly and I tasted so many new flavours and food combinations that were just damn great. I tried not to photograph every meal, I promise.

I’m not a huge fan of sunbathing as I tend to burn before I brown, but I did my fair share of exploring the areas surrounding our hotel and of course, taking way too many pictures! I thought I’d share some with you all…


This was the view of the back of our hotel from our sunbeds…


My first lunch in the Cypriot sunshine, a chicken and quinoa salad with a deliciously tangy Caesar dressing!


A view from a coastal walk on our way to get ice cream…


Paphos harbour and its amazingly clear waters…


A stunning meze sharing platter that my mum and I had for lunch on a couple of occasions. Chicken souvlaki, olives, grilled halloumi, herby grilled vegetables, feta stuffed mushrooms, grilled pork and salmon fillet, plus some fresh warm pitta breads with taramasalata, hummus and tzatziki. Yu-uh-uh-um. This was one of my favourite meals!



Huuuuuuge watermelons and lemons!


These cookies were incredible, they were chocolate and vanilla flavoured and had a chocolate-hazelnut filling that tasted just like Nutella. We brought a whole tray home, haha!


Only in this part of the world can you buy strained Greek yoghurt in BUCKETS.


Me and my dad couldn’t resist an iced coffee from Starbucks during a walk through Paphos! (Excuse our cheesy grins and blatant sunburn, tourist alert!)


We opted out of Cypriot food and ate in a posh Italian restaurant one night…


This spicy pasta was delicious! The difference in the flavour of proper Mediterranean tomatoes compared to our rubbish British ones is incredible.


This was an adorable apple and almond tart with set custard and perfect vanilla ice cream…





Some views from our walks around Paphos!


And finally a moment of equal amounts of euphoria and despair as I tucked into my last meal in Cyprus, this amazing sandwich full of grilled herby Mediterranean vegetables and melty cheese. Wow.

So yeah, sucks to be back in chilly cloudy Scotland but I guess it just means I’d better do some baking soon to cheer me up, right? Right.

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