Essential Bulk Buys

essential bulk buys

Essential bulk buys, for those who bake a lot, those who cook a lot, those who like to save money, or just those who never like running out of food!

I’m a low key food hoarder. You can walk into my house any day of the week and I will have an abundance of food for any occasion.

I stock up on everything in bulk where I can, it’s a trait I’ve learned from my rather resourceful mother. While my dad and boyfriend (the kind of people who always need things to be neat and tidy) freak out at the sight of the ingredient collection I have, bulk buying can really save you time and money if you do it right!

If you’re like me and you bake or cook a lot, bulk buying ingredients is so handy, and means you rarely run out of that essential item for your recipe. In the video below, I’ve outlined and displayed all my favourite essential bulk buys for keen bakers, cooks and fellow food hoarders.

You can find this video on my YouTube channel. Or if you like, keep scrolling for a more in-depth example of each of my essential bulk buys!


Flour is such an essential ingredient in baking. Whether you like to use regular wheat flours, fancy bread flours, organic flours, or a range of gluten free flours, it’s almost always a required ingredient! That’s what makes flour such a handy bulk buy.

The flours I use most are regular plain flour and self-raising flour, but often you can find bulk options of whatever you like to use online, and they’re usually cheaper than you’d find in supermarkets or specialty shops!



I LOVE NUTS. I ain’t got no type when it comes to buying or eating nuts. I use them for cooking, baking and snacking all the time so it’s really handy to have an option to bulk buy them!

My favourites are hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds and cashews. They’re really versatile for using in cakes, cookies, granola, flapjacks, homemade nut butters, snack mixes and lots of vegan or gluten free baking.


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Hmm, coconut can divide opinion. Some love the sweet flavour and chewy texture, and some can’t stand it! If you’re like me and you love it, this really is one of the essential bulk buys!

Coconut is really useful in baking, for snacking and can be handy in Asian or Caribbean style cooking. It always lasts a while once opened, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to use it. Bulk buying coconut means you’ll knock some money off that supermarket price, and you’ll also have the opportunity to buy the unsweetened kind. Many shops don’t offer this.



Last but by no means least is sweet, wonderful, chocolate. I use chocolate on an almost daily basis. I love eating chocolate at any time of day, and it’s such a popular and versatile baking ingredient.

If you’re a fellow chocolate lover and you’re sick of spending your hard earned pennies on those stupid little individual bars to bake with, try out some of these BIG bags of chocolate chips! They’re of great quality, I use them all the time for eating, sprinkling, melting or baking, and they keep for ages once opened!



essential bulk buys


So that about rounds it up for what I consider to be essential bulk buys!

Thank you so much as always for being here, and keep an eye out for more foodie tips and fun very soon!


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  1. Great idea! There are so many things that I buy repeatedly, sometimes every second week!

    1. Kelly Cletheroe Kelly Cletheroe says: Reply

      Thank you! I know, I think we’re all guilty of being forgetful with things like that sometimes. Bulk buying is the way forward! 🙂

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