Filthy Gorgeous Review

filthy gorgeous review

Big dirty burgers, crispy fried chicken, towering milkshakes and enough fries to shake a stick at; but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Here is my honest Filthy Gorgeous review!

filthy gorgeous review

What it is: Filthy Gorgeous, a dirty US style dive bar and restaurant, serving straight up food porn for meat eaters and veggies alike!

Where it is: Netherkirkgate, hidden behind Aberdeen’s Union Street, at the bottom end near Castlegate.

Score: 8/10. A new and improved menu means a bunch of great options for all tastes, and great service to go with it!

filthy gorgeous review

Being an ancient Scottish city, Aberdeen has lots of old buildings and narrow, winding streets. Some of these winding streets are home to real hidden gems of food and drink. Hard to find but easy to love.

Turns out that Filthy Gorgeous, Aberdeen’s latest burger joint, may have just cemented itself into the status of hidden gem. Nestled behind the city’s bustling high street, on a narrow road so little-known that it has seen the downfall of some other great small businesses, this little dive bar is serving up some unique eats. So without further ado, here is my Filthy Gorgeous review. (That rhymed, huh?)

filthy gorgeous review

Though this place has been open for a while now, I can’t eat deep fried foods (thanks IBS), and as their initial menu was almost 90% deep fried food, I was pretty stuck on choosing something to eat. However, they have recently updated their menu and I was thoroughly keen to check it out.

Sean and I strolled into Filthy Gorgeous after work on a Friday evening, enticed in by the trashy-but-lovable neon signs in the windows. We were promptly greeted and seated, and ordered ourselves some drinks. A funky beer for Sean (who is technically supposed to be gluten free but YOLO) and a short gin and tonic for me.

filthy gorgeous review

Our keen eyes flickered all over the menus, as we indecisively cooed over the best-sounding meaty dishes. As someone who eats mostly meat-free, I spotted some great veggie options too, including a smoked black bean burger and a mushroom and feta burger. Yay!

Eventually, Sean opted for a fried chicken burger, and I chose their take on a Reuben, a classic New York deli sandwich.

While we hungrily awaited our main courses, we chatted about our love for this little joint’s decor. A fully kitted-out bar, covered in recycled aluminium cans, a huge beer selection, a quirky photobooth, trashy-chic vinyl records on the wall and shabby chandeliers. This place was clearly brought to life with a lot of care and attention to detail, something that’s always appreciated.

Our food arrived. Our eyes widened.

Three strips of crispy fried chicken breast with hot sauce and smoked mayonnaise sat between a perfectly sized bun arrived in front of Sean. Not too small and not gratuitously large (like some burger places!). He also received his order of skinny fries, drenched in hot buffalo sauce, fresh chillies and hot feta cheese. All of which was quickly devoured (bar the feta which I ate instead, he’s a fussy one!) and deeply enjoyed.

filthy gorgeous review

On my side of the table? A sandwich to be reckoned with. Two thick slices of tasty wholegrain bread, a thick pile of smoked salt beef, creamy Swiss cheese, pickles and thousand-island dressing. I added some sweet-spicy American mustard too. Obviously. This Reuben was straight up delicious. I probably would have preferred the Reuben filling a little hotter and more melty, but on the flavour front, this was spot on! Nothing too salty or rich, just the right balance of texture and flavours.

filthy gorgeous review

The portions were perfect. Big enough to satisfy, but not so large that a dessert feels like a punishment!

Having spotted their milkshake menu earlier, we had to grab a couple to finish off our meal. Everything from regular shakes to full on Instagrammable freakshakes were on offer here.

Sean picked the “Strawberry Street Walker,” a truly fantastic name. This was a classic thick strawberry milkshake with cream, strawberry sauce and tangy-sweet fresh strawberries.

filthy gorgeous review

I chose the “Blueberry Bluffin‘” shake. A blueberry milkshake with cream and (usually) a blueberry muffin. Unfortunately, they were fresh out of blueberry muffins, but our great server gave me a brownie and chocolate sauce on the side instead!

filthy gorgeous review

These shakes were great, nothing to overwhelmingly rich or sweet, just a deliciously creamy and refreshing treat to round off our dinner. I must say, I kinda wish I’d taken our server’s advice and gone for the chocolate shake, as the actual blueberry flavour was lacking a little without the usual muffin addition. However it was still very tasty, and THAT BROWNIE was delicious.

Full of food and joy in equal measure, we paid our bill and set off to enjoy the rest of our weekend.

Overall? Filthy Gorgeous has got me ready to visit again already. Great prices for well prepared, delicious and really fun food, it’s definitely the kind of place you need to visit at least once.

I’m really excited to return and sample some more meaty (or veggie) courses and more of their delicious milkshakes. It was great to try out this little joint after having wanted to for so long.

That’s about it for my Filthy Gorgeous review. I’d really recommend you try it out, a good burger and fries is a joy to eat, and this place is doing it right! Show some small local business some love this weekend!

Thanks as always for stopping by, especially for this Filthy Gorgeous review. I hope I’ll see you again soon!


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