Five Things I Love This Halloween!

Halloween is upon us! While I haven’t had a lot of time to do much festive baking because of all my uni coursework, I’ve taken a little time to compile a list of five things I love this Halloween, enjoy!


1. Black Mirror

It’s no secret that Charlie Brooker is a genius. I’m a little late to the Black Mirror party, having only first seen it this year, however since the new series was posted on Netflix this month, I’ve loved every single episode so far! While not all of them are scary, they all carry a pretty dark theme, usually related to modern technology and how it can be used against us. It’s a great thought-provoking spooky watch for this weekend!


2. This bleeding necklace

I found this in Topshop a couple of weeks ago and, despite the fact I have no plans for Halloween or any need for a costume, I just had to buy it! It was only £5 and it looks great when it’s on!



3. This red velvet hot chocolate

This grisly drink from Sugar Hero is such a good idea. Proper homemade hot chocolate with added red colouring to make it look like a nice warm cup of blood. I know the world is finally over the red velvet trend, but this hot chocolate looks tasty enough to revive it.



4. Hotel Chocolat’s Halloween range

As you’ve probably already heard in an earlier post, I’m a huge fan of Hotel Chocolat and their products. Good quality chocolate at a decent price is even better when it’s made all gory for Halloween! Have a look at their eyeball truffles, so cool!


5. Libby’s pumpkin puree

If you’re in the USA, you’ll already know about Libby’s and all the other kinds of tinned pumpkin you can buy but here in the UK, it’s a real bugger to find! If you want to make an authentic pumpkin pie, a warming Autumn soup or any other great pumpkin recipes without the effort of slicing up a huge scary vegetable, tinned puree is the way! I always get mine here, and I love using it at this time of year.


I hope you all have fun this weekend, and I hope you eat plenty sweets and chocolate even if you’re not going trick or treating!

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