Five Things I Love (05.09.16)

Another Monday has passed, but that means it’s only Tuesday tomorrow. So I guess we’re all in need of a little cheering up? Well, here are five things I love this week to give you a little insight into how I stay chirpy, and to give you a much needed five minute break!


five things I love 05-09-16

1. Crolla’s Gelateria

Crolla’s is a new ice cream shop in the cafe haven Rosemount area of Aberdeen. They serve everything from gelato to sorbet in all sorts of flavours, with additional waffles, chocolate-sprinkle-dipped cones and endless toppings to ramp up your ice cream experience! I’ve only had the chance to visit once so far, but I can highly recommend the Kinder Bueno gelato, which has real Nutella swirls! The shop tends to get crazy busy at peak dessert-eating times, but I can assure you that the wait (and the surprisingly low cost) is worth it for some good quality local ice cream.


five things i love 05-09-16

2. Ambitious Kitchen’s Raspberry Almond Butter Muffins

I first made these muffins a few Sundays ago to pack as work snacks, and I was damn happy I did! These muffins are packed with nutritious ingredients as well as being really tasty, filling and completely customisable. I’m a big fan of Monique from Ambitious Kitchen’s recipes, and while I like to add a little smear of honey or nut butter for extra flavour, these muffins, along with many of her other recipes, are delicious all on their own! You can find her blog here.


3. IJ Mellis Cheese

A small, chilled cave of cheesy wonders can be found in the Rosemount area of Aberdeen at IJ Mellis. They stock pretty much any cow, sheep or goat’s cheese you could possibly need, along with plenty kinds of chutneys, cold cured meats and fancy crackers to go with them. They even make epic sourdough grilled cheese toasties out of whatever cheese you like, what more could you need? My favourite cheeses so far are the crumbly Anster, the strong oozy Clava Brie and the tangy Bonnet hard goat’s cheese.


4. Pulsin Raw Chocolate Brownies

These were a last minute grab as I found my way to the Tesco checkouts. A gluten free, soy free, vegan bar made of all-natural ingredients, these Pulsin Brownies are beautifully fudgy, sweet and deeply chocolatey. While they aren’t the cheapest snack on the shelf, they are allergy friendly, portable and damn tasty! I first heard about these on a fellow blogger’s site, you can find her and her cruelty-free beauty posts here.


what we ate in glasgow

5. Tantrum Doughnuts

Those of you who read my What We Ate In Glasgow post will already know of my newfound affection for Tantrum Doughnuts, but for those who haven’t, let’s recap. A small little shop in the west end of Glasgow, Tantrum sells a selection of unique handmade doughnuts, as well as some delicious hot and cold drink creations. After sampling six (yes I said six, deal with it) doughnuts, I can honestly say that they are the biggest, fluffiest and tastiest doughnuts I’ve ever had! While I love a Krispy Kreme and a supermarket bakery variety at times, Tantrum’s doughnuts are sweet without being sickly and have such generous fillings/toppings. I’d recommend them to anyone visiting Glasgow, particularly the Creme Brulee and Black Forest doughnuts!


Thanks for reading folks, I’ll be back very soon with a much anticipated new recipe!

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