Five Things I Love This Week (12.11.16)

So the world has been a little shaken up this week, with a shocking result from the US elections and protests imminent, I think we all need a little love. As unhappy as I am with the result, much like I have been with the latest UK results, we must use this as an opportunity to improve, educate and push ourselves towards better things in the future. And remember: your grandparents have probably lived through worse; four years will pass more quickly than you think; and food is always there to comfort you, no matter what form it may take. On that note, here are five things I love this week, I hope you can enjoy them too!

five things i love this week (12.11.16)

1. Bluebird Tea Co.

As if we Brits needed more reason to love tea! I’d tasted and loved Bluebird’s tea mixes in a local cafe before, so I had to try their other flavours out at home. Their site offers a huge range of flavoured black, green, rooibos and fruit teas, in everything from Chocolate Snowball to Mulled Cider to Gingerbread flavour! If you’re a tea fan, I’d thoroughly recommend trying a couple out. You can find their site here.


2. Stroopwafels

A much loved purchase from my trip to Amsterdam last month, stroopwafels are crisp waffle biscuits/cookies with a slightly spiced caramel filling. So so so good! You may have seen a version in a coffee shop near you/ They were in pretty much every shop we went into over there, so I just had to bring some home. You can find them online here!


five things i love this week (12.11.16)

3. This adorable cat mug!

Another one of my favourite Amsterdam purchases, this mug is so cute! Handy for work too! If you’d like to buy one for yourself or as a gift, you can find them here.


4. Gran Luchito Ketchup

This is not a condiment for the faint hearted. Rich sweet tomato flavour blended with fiery smoked chillis, this ketchup is delicious in sandwiches, burgers, on chips, on pizza, whatever you like! You can find it here.


5. Monty the cat

If you need a distraction from all the hatred and divisiveness in the world just now, take a few minutes to follow Monty on Instagram. He’s a lovely wee cat who was born a little different to others you’ll have seen, but he is adorable and his adopters are an inspiration!

Thanks for taking the time to have a read, everyone. Now go out there, kick butt (metaphorically of course), drink tea, and don’t let anybody get you down.

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