Five Things I Love This Week (13.10.16)

With the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president still a worry at present, and university coursework deadlines creeping up, I need some cheerful distraction. Here are five things I love this week to do just that!


1. Marshmology

Soft pillows of gourmet flavour, Marshmology create fancy marshmallows in all the flavours you could want! I only discovered this lovely little company last month when they appeared at the Thistle Street Market in Aberdeen. Sadly, most of their delicious stock was sold out when I arrived, but I was able to buy one of the last boxes of their coconut rum flavoured marshmallows and damn they were good! Unbelievably soft, not too sweet and bursting with toasted coconut flavour, they were delicious and I can’t recommend them enough. You can find a link to their website, where you can buy anything from lemon to salted caramel marshmallows here!


five things i love (13.10.16)

2. Coco Chocolatier

Chocolate is always a good shout, especially when it’s made by a company based just a few hours down the road! Coco Chocolatier make delicious organic white, milk and dark chocolates in Scotland’s capital, producing everything from subtle classic chocolates to alluringly bold new flavours such as date and ginger dark chocolate and even haggis spice dark chocolate! Having tried it, and not just from the perspective of a biased Scot, the haggis spice is warming, full of reminiscent spices and thankfully no actual haggis or meat! You can read all about them and buy their chocolate here.


3. Devenick Dairy

Cheese is life, and Devenick Dairy make some of the tastiest cheese in the North East! Everything from crumbly feta to chilli-spiked cheddar cheese is available from these guys. While it might not appeal to you, they sell incredibly delicious Rose Veal too, meaning that none of their dairy cows are disposed of unethically. I’d really urge you to try this company’s products if you live in Scotland, they pop up at markets all the time so you can sample their tasty wares, and they sell great festive food hampers too. Here’s a link to their website.


4. Overnight Oats

While this breakfast is nothing new – it’s based on classic Swiss Bircher muesli – I’ve been enjoying it consistently in all weathers since I tried it two years ago. Essentially, you soak oats, fresh or dried fruit, nuts or seeds, honey or maple syrup in a good swill of milk and let it become nice and thick and sweet overnight. You can then it eat in cold like you would a muesli such as Alpen, or you can give it a couple of minutes in the microwave and ping(!) you’ll have instant creamy porridge that tastes miles better than those rubbish little porridge sachets! As the weather is getting colder, I’ve been heating up my overnight oats and adding mashed banana and peanut butter, yum! Here’s a link to a page full of great recipes and ideas.


5. The Girl on the Train

This is probably old news by now but this film is truly gripping. I’ve heard many good things about the book, and while the film received mixed reviews, I can honestly say Sean and I enjoyed it a lot. If you like tension, weaving character stories and of course a twist or two, this film is definitely one to see. I can see some award nominations for Emily Blunt’s performance!


Thanks again for stopping by, my delightful readers. I’ll be back at the start of next week, where you can read all about our trip to Amsterdam, and how many Dutch pancakes I will manage to consume within 72 hours!

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