Five Things I Love This Week! (31.07.16)

Hello again, lovely people! It’s time again for me to share some of my favourite things in life at the moment, while I polish off some more recipes to post!



1. Healthy Choc Chip Banana Muffins

I baked a batch of my favourite healthy muffins last Sunday, with the intention of having them as my “second breakfast” at work. I’m a hungry person, ok? I’ve achieved this, as well as managing to have them at every other snacking opportunity too! They’re just so moist, so rich in banana and cinnamon flavour, and so packed with chocolate chips that I look forward to snacking on them at any opportunity. Plus they’re full of filling, healthy fibre and dead easy to make too, you can find the recipe here.



2. Melt

This is officially my favourite lunch spot in the North East, see above for a really flattering photo of my folks tucking into some cheesy goodness! Melt opened earlier this year as Aberdeen’s first grilled-cheese sandwich (or cheese toastie to us locals) shop, and it is every bit as incredible as it sounds. They have a great selection of different cheesy creations but my favourite is the Classic, toasted buttery sourdough bread filled with an oozing three cheese blend. It is by far the best cheese toastie to have passed my lips and is made even better when dunked into their house made creamy tomato soup. I’m making myself hungry. If you live nearby and have a hankering for savoury goodness and friendly service, Melt is where you need to go!


3. Strawberry Oreos

I stumbled across these beauties purely by accident while ingredients shopping in Asda with my boyfriend last week. Yeah, I know how to treat the guys, huh? On a sales shelf at the end of the confectionary aisle were these pink and blue Oreo packets, 50p in price and filled with the best mash up of chocolate and strawberry flavours I’ve had in a long time. Essentially a classic Oreo cookie, swapping out the vanilla cream filling for one that tastes like a really good strawberry milkshake, these new limited edition cookies are so so so addictive! If they’re still on sale, or if you happen to find them in a local shop, I urge you to try a pack.



4. Flavour by Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh is an idol of mine. She was a contestant and finalist on the Great British Bake Off a few years ago and has had a blossoming foodie career ever since. She is a great role model, sharing endless food and body positivity on Twitter and other social media all the time, which is great for us all, especially those who have or have had body image or eating disorders. Her new cookbook Flavour is all about celebrating the foods we love and crave without shame or elitist attitudes, it’s full of great down-to-earth recipes that you will definitely want to make, I’d particularly recommend the Zesty Chilli Prawn Noodles! You can find a link to it here.



5. Decorating Sean’s classroom!

My lovely boyfriend is going to be a fully-fledged maths teacher soon, so we spent an afternoon this week doing up his classroom. Clearing out old cupboards, pinning up cheesy maths puns and setting up his “equation of the week” board were just some of the little tasks involved. We rewarded ourselves with posh sandwiches and some German Lebkuchen, which (as you can see) was covered with delicious blue royal icing! The room is starting to look really good, and I’m so excited for his year at a new school!

That’s all for this week, chaps, pop in again soon for another update and a recipe or two!

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