Five Things I Love This Week! (23.08.16)

Hello everyone, as usual, here’s a little list of five things I love this week!


1. Bagels n Stuff

I’ve been visiting Bagels and Stuff a lot since I discovered it near my office. As you probably guessed, they specialise in bagels of all kinds with all sorts of delicious fillings! They have everything from my favourite classic smoked salmon and cream cheese fillings, to curried chicken and even some haggis fillings, and all at very reasonable prices. It’s a great breakfast or lunch stop in Aberdeen City Centre, you can find their page here. [Photo credit to their Facebook page]


2. Mallow and Marsh bars

We stumbled upon these little UK made beauties in our local corner shop, and I’m very glad we did! A crisp shell of dark chocolate wrapped round a big soft and chewy log of proper marshmallow, these are so wonderfully light, fluffy and delicious without being tooth-achingly sweet. At the moment they come in 3 different flavours, vanilla, raspberry and coconut, I’ve only tried the raspberry so far but I am very keen to try more! You can find them in shops or here.


3. You’re Still Fat

As if the name alone wasn’t reason enough to check out this great blog! You’re Still Fat is a wonderful parody lifestyle blog, poking fun at food and fashion bloggers who take life (and themselves) too seriously. It’s even been nominated for a Saveur award this year! If you hate pretentious posts and need a good laugh at middle class white people, this blog is for you!


4. Ciate Nail polish

Ciate are a UK based beauty brand that create great cruelty-free make up at a good price. In my ongoing vow to boycott any make up or beauty brands (such as MAC) that test on animals, I came across Ciate in a search for good cheap nail polish, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I resent paying £30 to have someone else do my nails, so Ciate’s high-pigment, good quality nail polish is ideal for me. There are sooooo many colours, styles and finishes to choose from and none of them will break the bank. You can find them here.


5. Gone Girl

I love reading, but it’s been a while since I found a really good book that wasn’t my usual choice of light-hearted autobiography, life advice or trashy erotica! This well-known novel is just that. It’s size is intimidating, and you probably already saw the movie or heard all about it, but don’t let that dissuade you. This book is cleverly written and the characters are so deep and relatable that I look forward to reading it every night before bed! You can find it here.

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