Five Things I Love This Week!

Hello lovely readers, so I usually just post recipes with a little line or two about my life on the side but I’m going to try and post a few more things to give you all an insight into my world! As we all love a list, I’m going to post these in a “Five Things I Love This Week” kinda format, updating whenever I have time. I’ll share what I’m doing, what I’m eating and great products I think you guys might like! Well, here goes week one!

Five Things I Love This Week

1. Bloglovin’

I signed up to this fairly new social media site a couple of months ago but never really got into using it. In case you’re not on it, it’s a site in which bloggers or avid blog-readers can find and follow their favourite blogs or bloggers all in one site. It’s a great idea, kinda similar to Pinterest but solely for blog posts, great for complete food nerds like myself, and I’m glad I’ve begun to use it more regularly. Check out the main site here, and my page here.

2. Pokemon Go

Some may roll their eyes at this, some may give a knowing smirk. Be you a big video game fan or not, you cannot deny that this game is addictive! I’ve been a massive Pokemon fan since the late 1990s and have always been an avid player, so this game is something folks like me have pined for for a long time. I love that it gets us usually stationary gamers off our bums and out into the fresh air to go and collect and battle Pokemon, arguably this won’t be great for us Scottish players come Winter, but hey, Pokemon Sun and Moon are set be released by then, so I’m sure we’ll cope! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, or your country hasn’t made it available, I thoroughly recommend giving it a shot when you can.

3. Hotel Chocolat Supermilk Chocolate

Do you love milk chocolate but wish you could stop eating so much sugar? I feel you. Hotel Chocolat are a fantastic British brand, focused on making good quality chocolate from ethical sources, and their Supermilk range is excellent. It basically features chocolate bars and truffles made with a high cocoa content and reduced sugar, while still being smooth, creamy and without that bitterness that proper dark chocolate can have. While the bars are admittedly a little above supermarket prices, if you’re a chocolate fiend like me I would really recommend spending a few extra pennies to taste this range! A link to their online shop can be found here.

4. Meridian Dry Roasted Peanut Butter

I’ve tasted many of Meridian’s products, and my absolute favourite is their Dry Roasted Peanut Butter, which I have been eating like crazy this week! It’s a little harder to find than their more popular flavours, but I can always find it in Holland & Barrett or in bulk packs on Amazon. It’s essentially a mega peanutty peanut butter, with no additives other than a little yeast extract (like Marmite) which makes it wonderfully rich and savoury. It goes so well with fruit, on toast, in porridge, in satay sauces or with just about anything! So if you’re into all-natural peanut butter and love it to have a full, savoury flavour, I highly recommend trying it out. It can be found at the best price here.

5. Coffee made with Rice Dream Hazelnut Almond Milk

I discovered this milk for the first time at one of my favourite lunch spots in Aberdeen, The Foodstory Cafe, sometime last year. It’s essentially a blend of ground rice, hazelnuts, almonds, a little sea salt and some water, it’s a lovely creamy non-dairy milk with a hint of sweetness from the hazelnuts. I’m not by any means of a strict non-dairy diet, but I’ve been trying to reduce the amount I use for ethical and environmental reasons, so finding this milk has made coffee breaks a hell of a lot easier, and tastier! Again, I’ve only ever found it online and it’s a little more pricey than dairy or other non-dairy milks, but it’s a fantastic treat every now and then. So if you’re trying to cut down on dairy or you don’t drink cow’s milk anyway, I’d really recommend this as a lovely alternative, especially in coffee! Link to purchase here.

Well that wasn’t so hard. What are you guys loving this week?

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