Happy Halloween, everyone!


I’ll admit it, I’ve never really been a big fan of Halloween.

When I was little I never really did the whole¬†trick-or-treating or dressing up thing so it’s a time of year that’s never really excited me all that much. Christmas on the other hand sees me turn into a one woman festive freight train…but that’s a story for another time.


This year has been an exception. My mum’s work held a Halloween Bake Off with all the proceeds made from the cakes and bakes going to charity, so I thought I’d get my apron on last night and whip something up to take in!


I decided to go all out with the Halloween theme and bake a Sticky Toffee Coffin cake, complete with scrummy toffee buttercream, chocolate spiders and webs and a sticky toffee crumb soil to boot!


All the other entries were fantastic, there were biscuits, chocolate truffles and cakes shaped like pumpkins all homemade and presented wonderfully. The office was spoilt for choice as to what to taste first!



The most exciting part was that Great British Bake Off 2014 contestant, Norman Calder, was judging the event. He’s local and was really great on the show this year so everyone was super excited to meet him and take some cheeky selfies with him too.

I enter competitions for things all the time and have never had any luck…until today! I won first place for my humble little coffin cake! (excuse the god-awful grins, I’m no Tyra Banks!)


Apparently Norman really enjoyed it, which meant I won a signed copy of the latest GBBO book and got some photos taken. I’m still grinning now, I never win anything and for a cake that I was so proud of to come first, I was beyond happy.



Norman was lovely and had a great chat with everyone, it was a pleasure to meet him.

The recipe for this cake will definitely be making an appearance on here very soon as every little crumb was polished off in less than half an hour and everyone who had a slice was raving about it. My cheeks are still rosy from a mixture of shock and embarrassment, I’m never the centre of attention and I’m not used to having compliments thrown at me. Thankfully the cake seemed to overshadow my blatant social awkwardness!

So as I finish off this post, chomping my way through the last of a batch of Pumpkin Cheesecake Blondies, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who enjoyed a slice of my Sticky Toffee Coffin today, to Burness Paull for letting me hang around various areas of your office this morning and to Norman who provided great company and advice.


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