May Vlog 2017!

May Vlog 2017; a quick little insight into the life of a nerdy food blogger, involving everything from Iron Maiden to Afternoon Tea to finishing law school!

Good afternoon!

Just to give you a little switch up from the usual recipes and reviews, I thought I’d share a couple of videos with you guys.

If you have subscribed to or visited my YouTube channel, you may have already had a nosey at these silly little clips. However it only felt right to share them here too!

May was actually a very busy month both for me and for Maverick Baking. From brand promotion, to concerts, to a fancy afternoon tea, to finishing my law degree. A lot happened in just 31 days, especially for someone whose life usually consists of the excitement of flavoured teas, PS4 and photographing toast.

I love watching vlogs, even from people I’ve never encountered before. Aside from the usual polished exterior provided by Twitter and Instagram, I feel like vlogs can really show the reality of someone’s life. It’s a taste of an uncut life that other social media doesn’t always encourage. So basically, if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, and fancy a light-hearted look into the life of an awkward food blogger, you’re in the right place.

See below for my May Vlog Part 1 – Grocery Haul + Finishing Law School:


See below for my May Vlog Part 2 – Iron Maiden + Afternoon Tea:

Surprisingly, June is looking exciting too. From a trip to London to my university graduation, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to fill next month’s vlog with!

Thanks for stopping by, as always. It means a lot that you guys keep coming back (mostly for Milky Bar Cheesecake tbh) and that it’s not just my mum that visits this little corner of the internet! Until the next post, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more exclusive fun foodie content.

See you soon for more recipes, reviews and other nonsense!

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