The Collective Dairy Kefir Review

The Collective Dairy Kefir Review; I was kindly sent some vouchers to pick up some bottles of this BRAND NEW Kefir (a cultured and fermented milk drink) from The Collective Dairy, but was it any good?

Don’t worry, dear reader, I haven’t gone all health and wellness all of a sudden.

the collective dairy kefir

If you are an avid reader, you may have heard me briefly discuss my battles with IBS before. I suffer from this chronic condition which affects how and what I can eat every single day. It’s no fun, and can be truly debilitating.

I’m slowly learning which foods I can or can’t eat to appease my wretched digestion, and among them are several “probiotic” foods. Nowadays I find myself eating a lot of yoghurt and sauerkraut, eating the occasional miso soup, and drinking kefir. What a damn hippie I’ve become in my old age.

the collective dairy kefir

The latter, pronounced like “keh-fear” is a funky cultured and fermented milk drink. Sounds kinda gross, right? Actually, it’s not half bad!

Kefir is traditionally a central and Eastern European drink, hailed for its health benefits rather than its flavour. However, in the current wave of gut-health marketing and the public’s growing awareness of our intestinal microbiome, Britain is quickly catching on to this bacteria-laced beverage. Thankfully, new kefir brands on our shores have decided to create some great-tasting drinks that still have all the classic benefits of the original.

the collective dairy kefir

The Collective Dairy Kefir is the latest cultured milk drink on the market right now, with 3 new flavours and some attractive packaging. It’s currently exclusive to Sainsbury’s stores, but I imagine its demand will grow very quickly! I was very excited to pick up some bottles when vouchers for this new product were kindly sent to me by The Collective Dairy. Their kefir contains billions(!) of friendly live bacteria, which can apparently help restore proper function and good health to your guts.

The flavours offered by this new range from the popular yoghurt company are:

  • Natural

  • Coconut & Honey

  • Mango & Turmeric

Unfortunately my local Sainsbury’s only carried the first two flavours, but I happily picked them up nonetheless.

the collective dairy kefir

Having tried Kefir before, both in the UK and on a trip to Berlin, I knew roughly what to expect from the flavour. Kefir generally has a thick, milkshake-like consistency. It tastes a lot like natural yoghurt, rich but tangy, and it often has an unusual fizziness due to the fermentation. Some can be a little too thick, almost like drinking yoghurt, and others have a pretty offensive sourness to them, depending on the brand and where you buy them from.

The Collective Dairy Kefir was a very pleasant surprise though. It was smooth and had just the right thickness, more milkshake and less Greek yoghurt. The kefir has a gentle fizz, but nothing alarming, as bubbles in dairy can be a bit odd upon your first taste of this traditional drink.

the collective dairy kefir

the collective dairy kefir

The Natural flavour was pleasantly tangy, like a classic plain natural yoghurt. Nothing too sweet but nothing unpleasantly sour either. It was creamy and actually quite refreshing to drink just after waking up. If you don’t like the tanginess of natural yoghurt, this flavour may not be for you, but I really enjoyed it and would be happy to pick it up again in future!

the collective dairy kefir

the collective dairy kefir

The Coconut & Honey flavour was delicious. Again, nothing childishly sweet about this dairy drink, and you could taste the real flavour of the honey rather than a regular sugar or artificial sweetener. The coconut is very mild, adding just the gentlest whisper of flavour to the kefir, which I quite liked, as anything too coconutty can often taste a bit like a body lotion! This is a flavour of kefir I’ve never seen before, as most brands just tend to blend in some fruit or fruit flavouring to make their kefir taste like a familiar yoghurt instead. I really admire their creativity with this flavour, and coconut is obviously a very fashionable flavour at the moment, so I imagine this will sell well.

I’m very keen to try the Mango & Turmeric flavour if I can find it anywhere, turmeric isn’t my favourite spice but mango ANYTHING is good, right?

Overall, I’m very impressed by The Collective Dairy Kefir. In terms of taste and texture, it’s very pleasant, especially for such a “healthy” drink! Each bottle currently retails at £2.50 for 500ml, and each bottle contains 2-3 servings. While it’s not the cheapest kefir on the market, it’s of a good quality, and you won’t have to hold your nose while you neck it like you might with other brands!

the collective dairy kefir

As someone who drinks kefir regularly, I will be happy to pick up a few bottles of it from The Collective Dairy in future, and would recommend it to anyone looking to get some good stuff in their guts.


Have you tried kefir??


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  1. Avatar Maureen Charles says: Reply

    Where can I find the names of the 13 probiotic bacteria contained in The Collective Dairy Kefir?

    1. Hello Maureen, you might be able to find out on their website:

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