What I Eat in a Week!

What I Eat in a Week

What I Eat in a Week; a glimpse into the weekly life of a food blogger! Prepare yourself for cheese, bread and peanut butter galore! (Not all at once though, obvz)

When people hear that you’re a food blogger, or they see you flooding the office with cakes and brownies every week, they always seem surprised when you are nothing short of grotesquely obese, or dying of overindulgence.

“How are you so SKINNY?!?”

“Where do you PUT it all??”

“Surely you CAN’T eat all the things you make?!”

These questions come up a lot.

For the purposes of information: I’m 5’2″ (1.57m) in height, and my weight usually fluctuates by about a stone throughout the year. I won’t tell you what that weight is because I’m not here to talk about weight gain or weight loss, and every single body on this planet is unique in what it looks like. Your relation to gravity does not have to define you, ok??

Because I find myself answering these questions so often, I figured I’d share a snapshot of what I eat in a week to give you an insight into what I consider to be a balanced way of eating, while not restricting myself from eating any of the things I want. As someone in recovery from a lifetime of varying eating disorders, I think this will really help myself and anyone else who suffers from an ED to see what normal eating can look like, and that even eating foods you might consider “unclean” or “unsafe” will not make you gain weight or hurt you.

As we are in the midst of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, it felt right to share this post. Anyone who is suffering, recovering or free of their disorder might take a look at this and realise that you can be happy and healthy without restriction. Even if it just reassures you that you can eat foods like chocolate, cheese and white carbs, I’ll have done some good. I still struggle on a daily basis to maintain balance and to assure myself that food is my friend, not my enemy, and remember just how much I love the flavours, textures and emotions of it all.

This is not a diet post, and I’m not telling you how many meals/snacks/calories you should consume. I’m also not going to talk about exercise, mostly because I loathe it and don’t manage much more than a brisk walk on any given day anyway!

So without further ado, here is a glimpse into what I eat in a week! (Apologies in advance for poor picture quality, we can’t all carry a DSLR camera around!)



Breakfast: Porridge made with mashed banana, cinnamon and cashew milk, topped with crunchy peanut butter and frozen raspberries.

This is one of my all-time favourite breakfasts! Balance to me means enjoying a break from animal foods every now and then, so this vegan porridge is perfect. Oats, bananas and cashew milk can all be found very cheaply, and this filling breakfast often feels like a big delicious hug in a bowl!

Lunch: Egg fried rice with spinach, chilli and hoisin sauce.

Another favourite that I like to make on my days off is this egg fried rice. A packet of Uncle Ben’s rice fried quickly with two scrambled eggs, any leftover veggies and a few store-cupboard ingredients like soy sauce and sweet chilli or hoisin sauce make a really yummy filling lunch. My family love this one too!

Dinner: Parsnip, apple and cheddar soup with homemade rosemary focaccia.

Homemade soup AND homemade bread?? Yeah, you could say I’m obsessed. This is my family’s favourite soup right now, it’s rich, creamy and cheesy while still being surprisingly healthy! The rosemary focaccia goes just perfectly with it too. You can find the recipe for this tasty soup here.

Late night snack: Two chocolate truffles.

Because why the hell not?



Breakfast: Porridge made with mashed banana, cinnamon and cashew milk, topped with crunchy peanut butter and frozen raspberries.

Exactly the same as the day before because I love it, I could eat crunchy peanut butter with everything.

Lunch: Two slices of homemade sourdough bread, one with mashed avocado and the others with Crowdie cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Very Instagram, I know. I’ve recently started making sourdough loaves at home, so this bread will feature a lot this week! Avocado toast is famously lovely, especially with salt and lemon juice, I don’t even care how basic I am. Crowdie cheese is great too, a nice mild, creamy Scottish cheese that goes really well with the sweet little tomatoes!

Snack: Parsnip Honey Cake with Lemon Ricotta Frosting.

This unusual cake is everything a carrot cake wants to be. It’s sweet, moist, lightly spiced and probably the best way to eat a vegetable or two! You can find the recipe here.

Dinner: Roast chicken with roast potatoes, maple roast carrots and homemade gravy.

The hurry to get this to the table and devour it instantly meant I didn’t get a picture of it. I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not, roast chicken is one of my absolute favourite meals!



Breakfast: Bowl of unsweetened Greek yoghurt with some Graze chocolate granola and a banana.

I get up really early for work, so I basically eat two breakfasts on these days. This is the first, and does a decent job of filling me up for three hours or so! Greek yoghurt is so thick and creamy, the banana helps sweeten the tang, and the crunchy granola adds a great texture and chocolate flavour too!

Snack: Pulsin vanilla chocolate chip vegan protein snack bar.

Ok so I’m kinda obsessed with these bars right now, expect a full review post soon. Made mostly of cashew butter, these bars are thick, soft, salty-sweet and crammed with chocolate. I don’t eat them for the protein content, I just really enjoy the flavour and the fact they perk me up between my main breakfast and lunch!

Lunch: Homemade sourdough bread sandwich with red pepper houmous, sweet chilli sauce and rocket.

Very fancy, I know. The same sourdough loaf as before, but slathered in my favourite shop-bought houmous and some other fancy lovely things I found in the fridge. Vegan food isn’t always terrible.

DinnerSpaghetti with cherry tomato sauce and prawns.

Hold the front door. This is mine and my mum’s ultimate pasta dish. So simple, the cherry tomatoes are cooked in butter, olive oil and garlic until sweet and bursting, then you just stir in some prawns and cooked spaghetti. So good. Seriously. NB this photo was taken seconds before we smothered it in Parmesan cheese. Not sorry.



BreakfastPret a Manger porridge with berry jam and a banana.

I had an interview/assessment day on Thursday, and Pret was the only place in town open early enough for breakfast near the office! I bought a pot of their “Proper Porridge” and stirred the jam and banana slices in to jazz it up a little. It was pretty good, and kept me going for a while. This is the only meal I managed to get a snap of today, my brain as all over the place!

Snack: Three Cadbury’s Roses.

Mid assessment day stress snack. I don’t often get actual food cravings, but after the first half of the interviews I REALLY needed those free reception chocolates to calm my nerves!

Lunch: Selection of little salmon sandwiches and egg mayo sandwiches.

Free sandwich lunch, yass! Some of the other candidates picked up like two sandwich triangles but I made sure I didn’t leave eating less than five. Three salmon and two egg to be precise.

Snack: Apple.

Not much to be commented on here, really!

Dinner: Spicy noodles with pork mince, spring onions, garlic, ginger and a peanut and soy dressing.

This was a Ken Hom recipe I found in a little cookbook of his that I have, me and the family really enjoyed it, and how quick it was!



Breakfast: Bowl of unsweetened Greek yoghurt with some Graze strawberry granola and a banana.

Pretty much identical to Wednesday, just with a different little granola pack!

Snack: Pulsin vanilla chocolate chip vegan protein snack bar.

See above. The obsession continues.

Lunch: Homemade sourdough toast, one slice with mashed avocado, one with cheese and pear slices.

Again, weird, I know. Apples and cheese or pears and cheese are so good together though, don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Dinner: Pulled pork sundae and corn on the cob.

I know exactly what you’re thinking, because I thought exactly the same when it arrived at the table! Sean and I went to Lil C’s BBQ in Oyne on Friday night and I couldn’t help but try their “pulled pork sundae!” It was made from layers of BBQ pulled pork, smoky beans, mashed potatoes and topped with slaw. Despite its wacky appearance, it was really yummy, the buttery corn was great too!



Breakfast: Honey Cheerios with milk, and a tangerine.

A Saturday staple, Sean always brings me a bowl of this in bed and it never gets old! No photo, I feel like you guys can guess what a bowl of cereal looks like!

Lunch: Veggie burrito bowl with rice, beans, mushrooms, peppers, cheese and guacamole.

We had lunch at Revolucion de Cuba in Aberdeen on Saturday. It wasn’t the most flavourful meal I’ve ever eaten, but it filled me up and contained a hefty amount of cheese, so I can’t complain too much!

Dinner: Creamy red pepper pasta with a poached egg on top.

This was a mash up of Pinterest recipes, and it was great! Roasted peppers, tomatoes, garlic and onions all blended with milk, cheese and a little seasoning made this wonderfully tasty pasta sauce. The poached egg adds a little protein without having to add meat, and who can say no to a runny yolk?? Again, this was pictured swiftly before being covered in grated Parmesan cheese.



Breakfast: Homemade pancakes with banana, raspberries and peanut butter.

Pancakes are the best Sunday breakfast if you have the time. I took extra care to make sure these turned out thick and fluffy! Topped with fresh fruits, peanut butter or Nutella and sometimes a little syrup makes sure they’re extra delicious.

Lunch: Homemade sourdough toast with mashed avocado, some apple slices, and some cheese slices.

Back at it again with the sourdough toast! Apple slices and cheddar make me so happy. Seriously, try it if you haven’t, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty! Yeah, I also like peeling my apples a little to make them easier to eat. I understand this makes me sound like a child, you should understand I don’t carrrrre.

Dinner: Venison stew with carrots and potatoes.

Slow-cooked meat that’s as free range as possible with epic red-wine gravy, carrots and potatoes. It might no be a traditional Sunday roast, but this stew is a carnivore’s dream.

Snack: Fruit and nut dark chocolate

I munched through about 40g or so of this while I edited some photos, there’s always a good time for chocolate.


There you have it, that’s a snapshot of what I eat in a week! As you can see, I eat a pretty varied diet with all sorts of fruit, vegetables, proteins, fats and carbs. I love vegetarian and vegan food as much as I love big hearty meaty dishes, and I always make sure that cheese or chocolate features on a regular basis! I must say, I’ve also just noticed how many bananas I put away…

I hope this settles any burning questions about what I eat. The simple answer being lots of different food, most of which is homemade, with as little exercise as I can manage!

If you are a fellow disorder sufferer, I hope this has helped you somehow.

See you soon for more foodie goodness!

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