What We Ate In Glasgow!

Today is a particularly glum Monday as it is our first day back to work after our little adventures in food and music in big old Glasgow. While it’s no London or New York, when you’re from a fairly dull and grey city like Aberdeen, a weekend away anywhere is a big event!

Sean and I bought tickets to see Biffy Clyro a while back, so we thought we’d make a weekend of it. Despite our mediocre Premier Inn expectations, we couldn’t fault the view from our little hotel room! The river Clyde and all the big fancy buildings around it were a welcome sight after the drive.

what we ate in glasgow

We didn’t care much where we ended up for dinner as it was already late, but were very glad to find a little Italian in one of the old buildings across the river. Known as The Rotunda, you can find a Bar, an Italian and a Japanese restaurant all under one roof, sounds gimmicky but more than delivered on the food front!

I ordered a sausage, fennel and chilli pasta dish and Sean opted for his usual chicken-and-chips-in-some-form, he’s all adventure. We were both pleasantly surprised how great the food was, and how lovely the restaurant itself seemed. We left very full, very happy, and thankfully with plenty cash to spare!


After a nice walk back to the hotel along the light-scattered river, we proceeded to squeal like little girls after each catching a Dratini in Pokémon Go, then went to bed all excited for what Saturday held.


The following morning found us on a long walk to Cafézique in Glasgow’s west end for breakfast. We were quickly seated and just as quickly served two very welcome ice cold apple juices (we’re not 10-year-olds I swear), a posh BLT on sourdough and some lovely homemade hazelnut granola with yoghurt and cherry compote.


In our usual style, it was devoured without a crumb to spare and we departed on a nice wander through (the surprisingly enormous) Kelvingrove park. Roughly 6 miles and lots of window shopping later (us both being skint) we made our way towards the restaurant we’d been looking forward to most, The Meat Bar.

Snuggled into a building just behind Sauchiehall Street, The Meat Bar is warm, welcoming and full of the smell of slow-cooked smoky BBQ. We were sat in a booth by the bar, which if either of us were craft beer lovers would have been joyous, and handed menus that would become one of the toughest lunch choices of our lives.

Sean settled on the “Filthy,” a burger topped with pulled brisket, chillis and cheese, with a side of smothered chilli cheese fries. I opted for the pulled pork and apple sandwich, dripping with BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo, with a side of rosemary and chilli butter corn on the cob. I’m drooling just typing this. Seriously, I cannot get across to you just how good it all was.


A series of primal grunts, chin-wiping and finger-licking later, our glorious feast had ended and it was time to slowly stroll back to our hotel. We lolled around for a while before heading down to Bellahouston Park, where Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro played out of their skins! Much screaming, singing and yet another long walk and we were back at the hotel, munching on snacks and falling asleep.


Sunday morning found us at The Bungo, which may just be the home of one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had! I mean technically it was probably brunch as we didn’t get there until 12:30, but anywhere that has an all day breakfast menu is always going to be good, right?


The restaurant was bright, spacious and they even allow dogs in, meaning we shared the couch with a sleepy black spaniel as we ate!  Sean was more in the mood for lunch so got himself a chicken, bacon and cheese burger with a mountain of chips. I opted for their big veggie breakfast and filled myself up on eggs, homemade baked beans, mushrooms, tattie scones, veggie haggis, toast and halloumi. And daaammmmnnnn it was good! Everything was cooked perfectly and it kept us going, all for around £20, on our final walk back to the hotel.


Too full for dessert but very keen for snacks for the drive home, we stopped off at Tantrum Doughnuts. I’ve followed Tantrum on Instagram for a while and have enjoyed drooling over all their massive sugar coated creations, so I was beyond elated to be finally trying them out!

A tiny little shop in a neighbourhood full of good coffee and tattoo shops, Tantrum Doughnuts has just a handful of handmade doughnut varieties each day, but that doesn’t make it any easier to choose! Sean got a box of 3 to take home along with a delicious coconut and lime slushy, I got a big box of 6 to sample with my family later on, mostly because 9 probably wouldn’t have been socially acceptable…


Two cinnamon-sugared chocolate filled ones, a jam-filled one, a custard-filled bruléed one, a glazed orange and vanilla one, and a sexy Black Forest one. The selection was dreamy, but the doughnuts themselves were dreamier. Having tasted them last night and this evening too, each one was a fluffy pillow of perfection. Not too sweet, and just the right amount of each glorious filling or glaze, these doughnuts put Krispy Kreme to shame. If you’re ever in Glasgow, please find some time and some space in your belly for a doughnut or two from Tantrum!


Our hands full of doughnut boxes, we traipsed back to the hotel, packed up our stuff and headed back to the ‘Deen. A little sad, but very pleased with what we’d accomplished and what we ate in Glasgow. I have a feeling we’ll be back soon!


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  1. Ooh I’ve been wanting to travel to Glasgow for a while, and your trip and food all looks spectacular! What a wonderful trip!

    1. Kelly Cletheroe Kelly Cletheroe says: Reply

      You should! Most people go for Edinburgh first when they come to Scotland but Glasgow has some real hidden gems in its food scene!

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