YouTube Highlights 2017

YouTube highlights 2017

YouTube highlights 2017; a roundup of all my best recipes and weirdest reviews since starting my channel in January of this year. Subscribe to me at Maverick Baking on YouTube for more!

In the opening weeks of this year, I decided to throw myself into the deep end of the internet and start a YouTube channel. 12 months, some poorly edited early videos, a few dodgy food reviews, and only a sprinkling of troll comments later, I’m still enjoying the world’s favourite video site just as much as I did when I started, if not more!

If you haven’t visited my YouTube channel yet, basically, I publish videos every 4-5 days, mostly junk food reviews, with a vlog or new recipe video every few weeks too.

YouTube highlights 2017

My channel has had some great growth, with over 350 people now tuning in to my silly little videos. Not bad for a sarcastic potty mouth with a tragic Aberdonian accent, eh?

Anyway, without taking up any more text space, here is a roundup of all the best recipes, reviews and general YouTube highlights from Maverick Baking on YouTube in 2017!

1. Baked Porridge Cups

Ah, my first ever YouTube video. Little did I know how much time I’d spend talking to my phone camera over the next 12 months. These little Baked Porridge Cups are a super easy healthy breakfast that you can take on the go, and were very popular back in chilly January!


2. Easy Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream

Smooth and creamy, gelato-like homemade ice cream that you don’t need any fancy equipment for? YES PLEASE. Throw some smashed biscuits, lemon zest and cream cheese in the mix and you have a sexy Lemon Cheesecake Ice Cream that is unbelievably simple to make.


3. Retro Chocolate Review ft My Dad!

Shining the spotlight on my old man was such a laugh. We had great fun reviewing all these retro British chocolates, and reminiscing about how they used to be. Look how much he enjoyed being the star of the show!


4. Best Ever White Chocolate Blondies

Always a readers’ favourite recipe on the blog, and by far my most viewed video on YouTube, these White Chocolate Blondies are every bit as popular as they deserve to be. A rich, velvety white chocolate version of a brownie, so good you’ll want to eat the whole batch.


5. Graduation & London Trip – JUNE VLOG

June was a mad month. I graduated from university, travelled to wonderful places like London and Berlin, and started my first ever internship! Check out this short vlog, capturing the second half of June, and all the excitement that came with it.


6. American Peanut Butter Snacks Review ft. My Mum!

My mum has never loved being the centre of attention, but I think she did pretty well in her first ever YouTube appearance! In this little video, we (two peanut butter addicts) taste some classic and new American peanut butter based snacks. Were they any good?


7. How to Make a Lumberjack Cake!

In collaboration with Lumberjack Inc., I made this glorious vanilla Lumberjack Cake with chocolate ganache frosting. This little how-to video takes you through all the steps to help you make this sweet masterpiece at home!


8. Best Ever Nutella Brownies

Silky soft and deeply chocolatey, these Nutella Brownies really are the best ever. Swirled with chocolate hazelnut goodness, and baked slowly to achieve the perfect texture, I DARE YOU not to love these.


9. Krispy Kreme Halloween Donuts Review

In a darkened living room (thanks to Storm Ophelia), I reviewed Krispy Kreme’s limited edition Halloween Donuts, and it was a pretty popular video! I’d have been doing the same with or without a camera to be honest…


10. Tasting Weird (GROSS) Chocolate Bars with my Boyfriend!

Probably the most fun I’ve ever had when making a video, watch me and Sean review some truly ridiculous chocolate bars from The Chocolate Smiths. Expect Gin & Tonic and even Tikka Masala chocolate bars!


11. Quick and Easy White Hot Chocolate

Something I’ve made for myself a few times since the weather started getting colder, this Easy White Hot Chocolate is a deliciously sweet winter warmer, at half the price of a coffee shop version!


12. I made Buddy the Elf’s sweet spaghetti!

Yeah, it happened. On the run up to Christmas I made Buddy The Elf’s iconic breakfast pasta, with surprising results. Watch me make and review it, in all its sugar-rich glory.


So that’s it for my YouTube highlights 2017!

If you have watched ANY of my videos this year, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU. You keep me doing what I love, and allow me to keep tasting all these great foods! Thanks for stopping in to check out my YouTube highlights too.

Subscribe at Maverick Baking on YouTube for more, and I’ll see you in a bit for a roundup of all my best recipes from 2017!

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